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SEISSER Joseph, Dissertatio inaugur. medica de Plica Polonica,

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Dissertatio inaugur. medica de Plica Polonica,

Quam authoritate et consensu illustrissimoru, perillustrium, magnificorum, spectabilium, clarissimorum virorum, Reverendissimi, Perillustris, ac Magnifici Domini Universitatis Rectoris, Reverendissimi, Illustrissimi, ac Amplissimi Domini Universitatis Cancellarii Illustrissimi, Magnifici, ac Clarissimi Inclytae Facultatis Medicae Domini Praesidis, Perillustris, ac Magnifici Inclytae Ejusdem Facultatis Domini Vice-Praesidis, Perillustris, ac Spectabilis Inclytae Ejusdem Facultatis Domini Decani, DD. Sacrae Caesareo Regiae Apostolicae Majestatis Consiliariorum, & Archiatrorum, nec non Clarissimorum D. D. Professorum Venerabilis Domini Senioris, atque totius Amplissimi D. D. Medicorum Collegii. Pro Supremis in medicina honoribus, et privilegiis doctoralibus legitime obtinendis, publicae disquisitioni submittit. Viennae 1770. typ. Joann. Thoae nob. de. Trattern. (17.5 x 11 cm), pp. 28, vignette in woodcut, cloth binding contemporary.
(Estr. T. 27). Good condition, non-staining of lower corner of pages. A medical treatise on the "Polish koltun". Plica polonica - "Polish koltun", also called nail, nailhead or bundle, a bundle of hair on the head glued together with sebum and exudative secretion, formed as a result of lack of hygiene or failure to use a brush or comb; the formation of koltun was also fostered by the wearing of hats, which was common among peasants. Old medical superstitions forbade cutting off the quilt for fear of negative health effects; wearing it was supposed to protect against disease and the devil. Sometimes a quilt was grown on purpose by rubbing the hair vigorously and thereby uncombed, causing it to become frizzy - in this case it is not related to hygienic negligence. An old quilt of this kind can be compared to dreadlocks; such deliberately grown quilts were still worn in Pinsk and Mazovia in the early 19th century. 9505/26
Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction No. 61
14 October 2023 CEST/Warsaw
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Antykwariat Wójtowicz

Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction No. 61
14 October 2023 CEST/Warsaw
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