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Buy and sell unique, high-end watches or clocks on OneBid! Here you’ll find an excellent selection of designer timepieces from Tissot, Hamilton, and other luxuries watch brands as well as antique clocks from leading clockmakers including Zenith and Patek Philippe. You can bid on auctions to buy unique collector’s items or sell your own timepieces to help make room in your home for new items or maybe just to get a little extra cash. Find your next favourite piece of jewelry, rare collectible, or special keepsake with the help of the OneBid community!

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How to Buy Watches Online at OneBid

One of the best ways to find a great watch is by browsing OneBid’s selection of watches for sale. With thousands of sellers and hundreds of new listings each day, you’re sure to find a deal that you love. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive timepiece or a luxury watch, you can browse watches from top brands like Tissot, Zenith, Arany, Omega Geneve, Hamilton and more.

OneBid is also a good place to buy vintage or antique clocks for your home. You'll have access to the finest collection of vintage and antique clocks from our large network of collectors, dealers and auctioneers worldwide.

Each clock has been carefully vetted by experts who understand what makes an item valuable and what doesn't - so you know you're getting only the best when you purchase one of our timepieces!

Some Famous Watch Brands

Omega, Arany, Hamilton, Zenith, Tissot and Patek Philippe are all well-known watch brands that have been around for many years. Omega watches were first founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Arany was established in 1875 by Leopold Hirtz & Söhne in Budapest. Hamilton is a Swiss watchmaker established in 1883 by American Charles Rood. The company has roots in the marine chronometer business which started with the founder of the United States Naval Observatory Philip H. Wintrop, who produced the company’s first marine chronometer, commissioned by President John Quincy Adams to help find longitude at sea. You can get these famous brands by bidding at our clocks online auctions.

The Anatomy of Clocks Auctions

An online watch auction is a worldwide event that allows bidders to participate in real-time. There are many variations of this auction, but the most popular is the timed auction with an unlimited number of bidders competing for the same item. The auction will start with a set amount of time and all bids must be submitted during this period. The bid price must always be greater than the previous bid by at least one penny. The final bidder wins the lot and pays for it in full as soon as he or she receives notification that he or she has won it. If you want to watch auctions online, sign up for an account on OneBid today!

Bidding is free

If you are interested in bidding, watch auctions, or looking at clocks, then head over to OneBid. There is no charge for bidding, which means that you don't have to pay a fee each time that you make a bid. On top of that, the company has thousands of quality items for sale every day. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Onebid brings together bidders with sellers who list their goods on the site. Bidding takes place through an auction-style process where people place bids against one another, with the lowest bidder winning the item and paying its price plus shipping costs. You can bid on watch auctions live and also get live email notifications during the bid.

Onebid charges no fees to bid on auction listings, so all of your money goes towards buying great merchandise from sellers who need more exposure online.

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