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Mieczyslaw Abram Rotblit, Quiet Harbor, brom 1933.

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Mieczyslaw Abram Rotblit, Cicha przystań, brom 1933.

black and white photograph, bromine; 16 x 12.5 cm., on exhibition cardboard backing, 28.5 x 23 cm.

On the back a sticker of the Photographic Section of the Polish National Society in Kielce - First National Exhibition of Photography in Kielce December 1933 and a handwritten description: "5 Cicha przystań. Brom. M. Rotbliy Lublin" along with a pasted-up exhibition number 484.

In December 1933, the 1st All-Polish Photographic Exhibition was opened in three rooms of the PTK Museum in Kielce, where 136 photographers from all over Poland presented themselves. The exhibition was open at convenient hours for visitors - 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm, and was accompanied by a catalog published in Kielce in the printing house of W. Komorowicz.

Mieczyslaw Abram Rotblit - photographer; he was one of the most promising and active members of the Lublin Photographic Society. In 1938, as one of eight members of the Lublin Photographic Society, he took part in the 18th Annual Exhibition of Polish Photography in Lviv, one of the most important national photographic exhibitions. Mieczyslaw Rotblit's fate most likely took a tragic turn. It is known that he was arrested by the Gestapo in his home at 10 Bonifraterska Street, and then placed in successive labor camps, from which he escaped several times. He probably disappeared near Warsaw. Very little of Mieczyslaw Rotblit's artistic output has survived to the present day. In his memoirs, Edward Hartwig said of him: "a very good technician".

19th Book and Postcard Auction Światowid Kielce
22 February, 19:00 CET/Warsaw
Session 1
22 February, 19:00 CET/Warsaw
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19th Book and Postcard Auction Światowid Kielce
Thursday, 22 February, 19:00 CET/Warsaw
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