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Janusz Edward, Image donated by Mr. Konrad Fijołek President of the City of Rzeszow from the Photo Gallery of the City of Rzeszow, "View on 3go Maja Street".

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Technique: photography, Dimensions: 16x23.5cm, Minimum price: 300 zloty, Frame: yes, Passe-Partout: yes

On October 19, 1850, Edward, the first son, was born into the family of Ignacy Janusz, a carpenter from Lviv. For decades, first on glass plates, then on photographic film, he recorded the life of Rzeszow and its residents. Without Edward Janusz and his collection, we would not know the old city on the Vistula River, or at least its picture would be very incomplete.

After graduating from Lviv Polytechnic, Edward Janusz joined the Austro-Hungarian army, where he earned the rank of lieutenant. In 1880, he left the service and moved to Zloczow, where he soon established a photography business. After a few years, he decided to move to Rzeszow. By then he was already a well-known person here. The opening of the establishment on July 1, 1886 in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Gartner on what was then Sandomierska Street (today Grunwaldzka Street) became an event noted, among others, in the "Rzeszow Weekly".

Very quickly Janusz's establishment gained a reputation in the city and surrounding areas, it was even a good tone to have a family photograph marked with the photographer's trademark. He received his clients in a modern atelier, with various backgrounds and adjustable lighting. A professional studio allowed him to take photos in various arrangements.

Edward Janusz's fame reached Vienna itself, to the court of the monarch. He was given the honor of using the title of "imperial royal court photographer." He was no longer just a craftsman making portraits, but a chronicler of the city, documenting its changing face.

To Edward Janusz we are indebted for almost photojournalistic snapshots of the most important events of the turn of the 20th century: patriotic celebrations, the unveiling of Tadeusz Kosciuszko's monument, the visits of Emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Maximilian, the opening of the "Jaslo" railroad line, the arrival of the first airplane and many, many others.

The photographer died after a long illness on March 3, 1914. He left behind an establishment that operated until 1990 (until 1950 as a private one). And above all, a huge (tens of thousands) collection of glass plates, photographic plates and finished prints. In 1997, several thousand more, previously unknown glass negatives were discovered. Thanks to them, that old Rzeszow is still close to us....

From old Rzeszow - (special issue of Podkarpackie History) No. 3, September 2016.
XV Charity Auction of Paintings by ARTISTS FOR CHILDREN "The art of helping does not pass...".
18 February 2024 CET/Warsaw
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Fundacja Podkarpackie Hospicjum dla Dzieci

XV Charity Auction of Paintings by ARTISTS FOR CHILDREN "The art of helping does not pass...".
18 February 2024 CET/Warsaw
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