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HERMANOWICZ Henryk, Photographs, 3 pieces.

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Photographs, 3 pcs.

Black and white photographs, ca. 1950/70.
- Rzeszow. Pre-Spring 1953. (13.5 x 23 cm).
- Bochnia. Lapczyca, village stove. (11.5 x 17.5 cm)
- Surroundings of Czarna Wieś.
(16 x 13,7)
On the back of the photograph the stamp of the artist's atelier and the stamp of ZAIKS. Good condition. Henryk Hermanowicz (1912-1992), is one of the most prominent students of Jan Bulhak. He was born in Vilnius. He debuted at the 5th International Salon of Artistic Photography in 1931. In 1937 he worked in Krzemieniec in the studio of photographer Stanislav Sheybal. There he published a booklet entitled "Beautiful hometown of Juliusz Słowacki". In 1945 he settled permanently in Cracow.
Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction Offer - March
02 March, 11:00 CET/Warsaw
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46 EUR
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Antykwariat Wójtowicz

Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction Offer - March
Saturday, 02 March, 11:00 CET/Warsaw
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