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Cavalry officer's saber, Austria, wz 1861

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saber length in scabbard 955 mm, saber length 938 mm, head length 805 mm, head width at base 26 mm, back thickness at base 7 mm, saber weight 545 g, saber weight in scabbard 875 g

Hand closed, steel frame, nickel-plated. Basket hilt, openwork, symmetrically perforated, decorated with an engraved floral motif. The back part of the basket with two slots for a sling and a cylindrical tip rolled towards the head. Wooden shaft, cross-notched, wrapped with imitation lizard skin and entwined with brass filigree. The cap is long, with cheekpieces, fixed together with the shaft in a ring at the hilt. Riveted from the top with a pin. The steel hilt, polished, nickel-plated, of moderate curvature, profiled in a single groove on the outer lobe. A long, obosely-boned tongue on both sides. On the outer sill the inscription "NT STR T BERNY". P o c h w a steel, polished, nickel-plated, with two riffles - the upper one with a horizontal catch on the inner side, the lower one with a fixed collar on the ridge. Cannelled neck fixed in the scabbard sheath by a press fit. The scabbard ended with an asymmetrical spur. Several dents in the sheath.
state of preservation 4/5/3
Aukcja Militariów /8
01 April, 17:00 CEST/Warsaw
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363 EUR
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Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny

Aukcja Militariów /8
Saturday, 01 April, 17:00 CEST/Warsaw
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