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Jerzy KOSSAK (1886-1955), "Chevalier of the Polish Regiment of the Imperial Guard" (1924).

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Author: Jerzy Kossak
Title: Cheval Leger of the Polish Regiment of the Imperial Guard (1924)

Technique: oil, canvas pasted on cardboard
Dimensions: 25.5 x 19.5 cm
Dimensions with frame: 43 x 36.5 cm
Signed and dated l.d.: "J. Kossak | 24".
On the reverse a pencil sketch of a similar composition with a cavalryman and a horse.

Artwork description:
The motif of Napoleonic wars was constantly present in the paintings of Jerzy Kossak. In addition to episodes from the battles, the artist repeatedly depicted imaginary soldier portraits, including Polish Cheval Legers, who served in the Imperial Guard and were among Napoleon's best soldiers.
The man shown in the foreground is wearing the distinctive uniform of the Cheval Legers, which includes a navy blue jacket with an amaranth collar and rebates, and a cap decorated with a tinfoil depiction of a rising sun and a gold letter "N" on a silver background. The figure is supporting a saber with his right hand. The man is shown in a certain pose, and the parade attire affects the representative character of the whole.
The painting surprises with its multicolor, in which green, blue and pink play a large role. The expressive duct of the brush corresponds to the hand of Jerzy Kossak, who fully contained his individual style in this small composition - it is in it that the realism of the representation succumbs to individual artistic expression.
On the back of the work is a pencil sketch depicting an almost mirror image of the composition on the front - the only difference is the gesture of one of the soldier's hands - here, instead of leaning on a saber, the soldier seems to be holding with his hand a blade of grass chewed for amusement.
It is worth noting that the painting comes from a relatively early period in Jerzy Kossak's oeuvre, prized by collectors, and is authoritatively dated 1924.

A biography of Jerzy Kossak is available on the Krakow Auction House website [SEE].

If you would like to sell paintings by Jerzy Kossak, please contact us [LINK].

XXXVI Auction of Works of Art
16 April 2024 CEST/Warsaw
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XXXVI Auction of Works of Art
16 April 2024 CEST/Warsaw
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