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[Potocki - Zamoyski] Collection of genealogical and property documents concerning the Potocki, Szwykowski and Zamoyski families, 1870s. - 1940

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Collection of genealogical and estate documents relating to the Potocki, Szwykowski and Zamoyski families, 1870s. - 1940, p. [53], various formats.

Relates to spouses Jan Tomasz Count Potocki (1880-1972) and Jozefina Countess Zamoyska (1881-1953) with her mother Maria Countess Zdzislawa Zamoyska (1845-1929) of Szwykowscy and their son Jaroslaw Count Potocki (1905-1965). Includes metrics, genealogies, family property contracts, inheritance (repossession) proceedings, tax matters to the Treasury and the City of Warsaw, and financial matters. Handwritten genealogical derivation of Count Potocki of Pechary (descendants of Stanislaw Szczęsny Potocki) from the 1870s (approx. 58 x 46 cm), by Zygmunt Count Puslowski (1849-1913), bibliophile and landowner marked with his seal with the Szeliga coat of arms, owner of a genealogical-heraldic collection (now in the BJ). Official seals, authentications and signatures of notaries on various documents. A detailed description of all documents is included. In places, underpapering (genealogy), folds and traces of folding. A rare collection for the history of Polish landed gentry and aristocracy.

The collection of documents includes:

  • [Potocki Maurycy hr. (1894-1949)]. Acknowledgement from the Main Welfare Council of the Warsaw district to Countess Anna Zamoyska-Kurnatowska [sic!] for organizing in her own estates of Urle and Łochów a rest campaign for war invalids. With the autograph of the president of the Warsaw Welfare Council, Maurycy Countess Potocki of Jabłonna

  • [Potocka Józefa née Zamoyska (1881-1953)]. Notarial regulation of the sum owed by Jozefa hr. Zamoyska to the Municipal Savings Bank in the amount of 100 thousand zlotys. Notary Antoni Massalski. Typescript, stamp, autographs, blank fee receipts (11). Warsaw 1938-1940, various formats (21.5 x 29.5 - 16 x 18 cm)

  • [Potocka née Zamoyska Józefa (1881-1953). Kurnatowska née Zamoyska Elzbieta (1885-1940). Two certificates, identical in content and form, by dentist James J. Jordan of Paris stating that Countess Potocka [Józefa of Zamoyski Countess Potocka] and Countess Kurnatowska [Elzbieta of Zamoyski Countess Erykowa Kurnatowska] are undergoing dental treatment and their presence in Paris is necessary ... Autograph manuscripts certified by the Police Commissariat in Paris, dated. Paris 9 June 1938, pp. [1]; [1], 13 x 18 cm.

  • Potocka Józefa née Zamoyska (1881-1953). Disposition in the event of death as to movable property in favor of her sister Elżbieta z Zamoyskich Kurnatowska, dated. July 31, 1935. autograph manuscript in pencil, p. [1], 13.5 x 20.5 cm.

  • [Potocka Józefa née Zamoyska (1881-1953)]. Tax Office in Brest n/Bug - Bank Handlowy in Warsaw - Bank Zachodni SA. Settlement of accounts receivable in favor of Józefa Potocka for taking over for the benefit of the State Treasury in 1931 the land property Minkowicze - Vyzhary, former property of Maria née Szwykowska Zdzisławowa Zamoyska. Settlements with the State Treasury under various titles. Realization of interest on land pledge letters by Bank Zachodni S.A.. Clerical, banking, and dirty writings and copies of accounting documents from 1926-1930; 1935-1936, k. [16], 15 x 23 - 22.5 x 29.5 cm.

  • [Potocka Józefa née Zamoyska (1881-1953)]. Ministry of the Interior - Commercial Bank in Warsaw. Payment of sum awarded to Jozefa née Zamoyska Potocka as compensation (reprivatization proceedings) for the Zamoyski house [Palace] confiscated by the Tsarist authorities during the January Uprising. Jozefina Potocka was a granddaughter after Andrzej hr. Zamoyski (1800-1875). Warsaw 1933-1935. file of official, attorney and bank documents, k.[ 6], ca. 14 x 22 cm.

  • [Potocki Jaroslaw (1905-1965). Potocki Jan (1880-1972). Potocka née Zamoyska Józefina (1881-1953). Notarial agreement on an annuity in the annual amount of 24,000 each for the benefit of Jan hr. Potocki and Józefa of Zamoyski hr. Potocka, payable monthly, by the son of the aforementioned Jaroslaw hr. Potocki with the security of deposit sums of 300,000 zlotys each on the Rzepich estate and the settlement of previous obligations. Notary Lucjan Żelaskiewicz. Warsaw 29 IV 1929, p. [4], 24 x 38 cm.

  • Zamoyska Maria née Szwykowska. Letter to her daughter Józefina hr. Zamoyska requesting the liquidation of the safe in the bank with the enclosed key. French language. Autograph manuscript, dated. Paris, July 6, 1931, p. [1], 13.5 21 cm.

  • Zamoyska Maria née Szwykowska. Information for the bank "Credit Lyoannais" to authorize her daughter Josephine to liquidate her safe at the bank and collect the contents. French language. Autograph manuscript, dated. Monte Carlo 3 July 1931, p. [1], 13.5 x 21 cm.

  • Zamoyska Maria née Szwykowska. Statement of last will regarding personal funds in Warsaw and Monte Carlo. Autograph manuscript, dated. Monte Carlo 19 June 1929, p. [1], 11 x 17.5 cm, and:

  • Zamoyska Maria née Szwykowska. Statement on the financial actions of her daughter in the subject of interest papers and other sums. Autograph manuscript. Warsaw 8 July 1926, k. [1], 13 x 21 cm, and:

  • Zamoyska Maria née Szwykowska (1845-1929). Certificate of citizenship of Maria Aniela Zamoyska, born in Minkowicze, Grodno district, 15 VIII 1845, daughter of Jana and Jadwiga née Niemcewicz Szwykowskis. Form filled out. Government Commissariat of the City of Warsaw 5 I 1926, k. [1], 24 x 23 cm, and:

  • [Szwykowscy - Zamoyscy]. Premarital prenup between Maria Szwykowska (1845-1932), and Zdzislaw hr. Zamoyski (1842-1925), concluded on October 25, 1865 in Warsaw, in the presence of Jan Szwykowski's father, owner of the Minkowicze estate, in the Brest district, Grodno gubernia, and August hr. Zamoyski of Wlodawa, representing, Andrzej hr. Zamoyski, father of hr. Zdzislaw. Polish and French versions. Notarized typescript, k. [4], 22.5 x 35.5 cm.

  • [Pusłowski Zygmunt]. Genealogical pedigree on the sword and sanguine line drawn up for Pelagia Karolowa Brzozowska, daughter of Count Konstanty Potocki and Józefa of the Tyzenhauz family, of Count Potocki. Covers at times 11 generations backwards. Fold-out card, 58 x 46 cm. The genealogy was compiled by Zygmunt Puslowski (1848-1913), landowner, industrialist, collector, patron of the arts and bibliophile. His genealogical activities are less well known (manuscript and genealogical-heraldic collections survive in the Jagiellonian Library in Warsaw). In the upper left corner a dry imprint of the Szeliga Puslowski coat of arms under the count's crown and with the family motto. Pelagia Karolowa Brzozowska (1848-1901), née hr. Potocki, was the sibling sister (marked in pencil next to her) of Konstanty Potocki (1846-1909), first ordinate of Teplik and Sitkowce, owner of Pechary, aunt of Jan hr. Potocki (1880-1972), husband of Józefa hr. Zamoyska (1881-1953). Her husband Karol Brzozowski (1846-1941) was the godfather of Jan Potocki.

  • [Potocki Jan Tomasz (1880-1972); Zamoyska Józefina (1881-1953)]. A copy of a church marriage certificate concluded in Paris in a church in November 1905, following a previous civil wedding on June 15, 1904, between Count Jan Potocki (1880-1972) of Warsaw, son of Count Konstanty and Joanna, née Potocki, currently in Paris, and Count Józefina Zamoyska (1881-1953) of Warsaw, daughter of Count Zdzislaw and Maria, née Szwykowska, currently in Paris. French language. Excerpt from the file certified on December 11, 1905.

12th Quadriga Antiquarian Auction [Books, posters, postcards, photography, graphics, documents].
25 February, 10:00 CET/Warsaw
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Antykwariat Kwadryga

12th Quadriga Antiquarian Auction [Books, posters, postcards, photography, graphics, documents].
Sunday, 25 February, 10:00 CET/Warsaw
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