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(NEKROLOG). Swietoslawska Eleonora.

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(NEKROLOG). Swietoslawska Eleonora.

Obituary: Eleonora Svyatoslavska, English teacher, daughter of an emigrant from 1831, after short sufferings, provided with the Holy Sacraments, fell asleep in the Lord on August 24, 1910 in the 54th year of life. Lvov, on the 24th of August, 1910. municipal funeral home "Concordia". Printed by W. A. Szyjkowski in Lviv. Dimensions: 23 x 29.5 cm. Obituary with thick black frame. Folded print, good condition.
Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction Offer - March
02 March, 11:00 CET/Warsaw
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14 EUR
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Antykwariat Wójtowicz

Wojtowicz Antiquarian Shop, Auction Offer - March
Saturday, 02 March, 11:00 CET/Warsaw
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Antykwariat Wójtowicz
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