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Poem on the death of the eternal memory of the most excellent Alexander Igo Emperor of all Rossia, King of Poland, etc. etc. etc. / by Felix Jaskólski on the day of the funeral celebration.

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Warsaw 1826/ author: Feliks Jaskólski, senior sergeant in Regiment of the 7th Line Infantry/ no information about the publisher/ 17x19cm/ p.8/ good condition, dusting of title page, minor folds of page corners. Rare.BIBLIOGRAPHY

A rare and extremely interesting print, written in verse, on the death of Czar Alexander I. The text is on the surface a classic apotheosis of the life and achievements of the deceased, but it contains very interesting passages and stylistic treatments.

The first paragraphs are devoted to extolling the virtues of the deceased. Alexander , is put forward as a model monarch, called by the author "Angel of peace", resurrector of Poles and "splendor of Warsaw". His death is an irreparable loss for those mentioned;

Already death greedy for conquest, and already harsh sentences

Squeeze tears from the eyes of Poles

The brave Soldier in the ranks, once shouting chura

With joy seeing the King, today's face gloomy

From old man gnarled to infant,

Everywhere can be heard crying and groaning, crying beyond comprehension

The author later turns to his compatriots with a kind of appeal not to despair over the death of Alexander, because, as he writes, in the person of Prince Constantine and Nicholas, quoting ,"Poland does not lose".

This is followed by a very interesting stylistic device - here from the heavens appears to the Poles the spirit of Alexander, who addresses them directly:

, "I have left you My brother on the throne,

, "This one will henceforth rule you after my death,

, "Nicholas your King, be faithful to Him,

,,Love Him and He will make you happy.

"For him will rise up that which I have begun.

"The strongholds of your homeland, in them holy tabernacles

He will rule His people faithfully on His throne,

,,He will place your Nation in a row of other Powers.

After the speech, the Tsar's spirit flies away with the hosts of Heaven.

The last paragraph contains a direct address to the new monarch, Nicholas, assuring loyalty and devotion to the new ruler.

This passage indicates the unique position of the Poles within the Romanov Empire ( we are, of course, talking about the years 1815-1830), whose Lands, are not treated as one of the outlying provinces. The very spirit of Alexander makes a distinction between the People, who are ruled by Nicholas, and the Nation in the form of the Poles, whom Nicholas, under his rule, is supposed to make a superpower.

The pamphlet frequently mentions the Poles as well as Poland as a state. As Prof. Maciej Mycielski writes , ''when an inhabitant of, for example, Galicia planned to travel to the Kingdom, he stated that he was just going to Poland. '' This text also proves the specific position of the Congress Kingdom.

III Auction of Gryf Antykwariat- Polish old prints, publisher's bindings, rare documents, autographs
03 December 2023 CET/Warsaw
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Antykwariat Gryf

III Auction of Gryf Antykwariat- Polish old prints, publisher's bindings, rare documents, autographs
03 December 2023 CET/Warsaw
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