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Rings are fashion accessories that are usually worn on any finger, depending on your fashion style. As long as it’s not a wedding or engagement ring, you can choose to wear it on any finger. Fingers are easily noticed, so most people prefer to bejewel them. This practice didn't start now but in the olden days and it symbolizes many things.

The easiest way to elevate some body parts such as the neck, nose, ears, fingers, wrist, and feet is by bejewelling them, and also, rings are ideal for males and females.

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What to Consider When Wearing Rings?

Most people wear rings for different reasons, some wear them for fun while others wear them to symbolize something such as their cultural beliefs, relationship status, fashion style, personality, and many more. Below are some important aspects to consider before wearing rings:


When wearing a ring, you should consider your outfit. There are several types of rings and not all can be worn with any outfit. If your outfit is formal, it's important to consider wearing a formal ring. Wedding rings, for example, can be used for any time and for any occasion, but something like a mood ring is probably not the best choice for a formal event.

We recommend you match all jewelry you wear for that specific outfit, especially in terms of color. If your earrings are silver, for example, you should also go for a silver ring and bracelets.

Size of the Ring

Rings have different sizes, so you need to find one that goes perfectly with the size of your finger. It shouldn't be too tight or too loose. There are several ways to know the size of your finger:

  • Use a ring sizer: this tool enables you to find the perfect ring. Most jewelry stores use it every time they want to find the perfect fit for their clients.
  • Self-measurement: our bodies change every day and so are our fingers. These changes are due to the weather, the food we eat, and the types of sports or activities we do daily. The easiest way to measure your fingers is when they are warm; you can make use of an old ring you’ve used before to determine your size.

Check out these ring sizes from the biggest to the smallest for your fingers’ width:

  • Size 13 - 22.4 mm
  • Size 12 - 21.7 mm
  • Size 11 - 20.8 mm
  • Size 10 - 20.0 mm
  • Size 9 - 19.2 mm
  • Size 8 - 18.5 mm
  • Size 7 - 17.6 mm
  • Size 6 - 16.7 mm
  • Size 5 - 16.0 mm
  • Size 4 - 14.9 mm
  • Size 3 - 14.1 mm

Personal Likes

We all have different likes and senses of style, so choose a ring that reflects your personal style. Discover what you like. There are several types of beautiful rings you can find on the market, so choose one that reflects your personality.

For instance, let’s say you’re a minimalist fashion enthusiast, then, you should choose a small and delicate type of ring. As for those who love a bit of drama, they can opt for a larger one.

Finger Choice

You might want to put your ring on different fingers depending on your relationship status but some people know exactly the meaning of all fingers. To make things more complicated, it can change depending on which hand it’s worn on. Your finger choice depends on you. If you don’t know their meaning, however, we advise you to take your time learning about them.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you now have a bigger and better view of what to know when searching for your perfect ring. The detailed information above is ideal for men and women seeking a ring to elevate their fashion style, or just to find the right ring for the right occasion.

Finding the perfect size can be challenging, so we recommend you contact your jewelry store for more information regarding ring sizes and choosing the perfect quality and color.