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42. Darabanth Major Auction - Art and Books

Number of lots
Limits accepted until
04/05/2024 17:00 CEST/Budapest
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Live bidding for this auction takes place on an external site. To take part in the auction, set limits on selected lots. Limits will be sent to the Auction House.
Buyer's premium
Bid increments
  > 100
  5 000
  > 200
  10 000
  > 500
  20 000
  > 1 000
  50 000
  > 2 000
  100 000
  > 5 000
  200 000
  > 10 000
  500 000
  > 20 000
  1 000 000
  > 50 000
Terms and Conditions
  1. You can start bidding and shopping in the webshop only after logging in. When logging in please set the shipping and delivery method of the recently won or purchased items. If you would like to proceed in an alternative way than those offered to you, please send us an email to [email protected]. You can bid on a current online auction until 7 p.m. on the last day of the auction. In case of a major auction, you can bid according to the deadline given on the website. The bidding proceeds according to increments.
  2. The comission of the buyer is 25%.
  3. IMPORTANT: The minimum bid field does not always show the currently highest bid. In the minimum bid field the second highest bid + the value of 1 increment appears!
  4. You can bid at the auction in person, on our website or via email, this way it can occur that an item receives two identical highest bids. In such cases, the bid made earlier wins.
  5. In case of a successful bidding you can see the bids made under the „My bids” menu, and we notify you in an automatic email if someone makes a higher bid than yours.
  6. During the bidding, the minimal bid field shows the second highest bid with an increased increment: if there is only one bid for the item, then the price according to the following increment can be seen. This price does not necessarily mean the sufficient bid for winning the item. For example, if for an item starting from 1 000 HUF there is a 1 000 and a 4 400 HUF bid, then you can see 1 200 HUF in the minimum bid field, which is naturally not enough for winning the item, but serves the interest of the highest bidder, because if no one else makes a further bid, the bidder making the 4 400 HUF offer gets the item for 1 200 HUF . Similarly, if a third bidder makes a 1 200 HUF offer, the system will notify him that there is a higher bid, and the minimum bid field will now change to 1 400 HUF . This will go on until he makes a bid at least of 4 600 HUF .
  7. On your personal page under the „My bids” menu you can see your bids made at the latest auctions and their status as well. If you visit the auction’s page, you can find under the „My bids” menu the items you bidded for at that very auction. At this page you can bid for an item the previously described way. The site refreshes if you make a bid or click on the „Refresh” button.
  8. IMPORTANT: The „My bids” page does not refresh automatically! Please use the „Refresh” button during the bidding often, especially at the end of the auction to always see the latest state of the auction.
  9. After the closing of the auction, the hammer prices can immediately be seen, and starting from then, the items left can be purchased at an upset price. The price of the item along with the added comission price, and the total cost of the buying can be viewed from 7:15 p.m. at your personal page under the items won menu, and you can download the results list in form of a chart as well. You can buy items left after the bidding immediately after the closing of the auction for an upset price + 22% comission price. You can put the items remained in the shopping cart by clicking on the „Buy” button next to the item, then you can finalize your purchase at the „Shipping cart” menu by sending the order. In case you don’t wish to buy the item any more, you can take it out of the shipping cart by clicking on the „Delete purchase” button. Here the payment and shipping methods given at the log-in apply as well. When purchasing left items, more customers can put the same item in their shopping cart. In this case, the customer sending the order the earliest time gets the item. The system will automatically send an email to you after a successful purchase.
  10. Bidding at a major auction proceeds according to the previous description with the following modifications and amendments. The auctioneer in the room can diverge from the increments according to his own views. You can bid for an item on our website until the winner is announced on the spot of the auction, until the hammering, and you can place your bid on the spot of the auction (or on the phone, if you have previously registered). You can buy a leftover item before the closing of the auction, if it has been anounced at the auction on the spot and no one has placed a valid bid on the item. The items hammered get into the possession of the buyer after paying the hammer price plus the 22% comission price.
  11. You can bid online until the last minute of the auction. We accept bids in writing or on the phone half an hour earlier in case of online auctions, and one hour earlier in case of major auctions, before the closing. We can take a guarantee for taking into consideration bids that arrive according to this range of time. The clock placed on our webpage shows the remaining time until the closing of the auction.
  12. The increments shown on the webpage are valid for both online and major auctions. You can place a bid with a sum that covers the full increment. (For example, if the bid starts from 1 000 HUF , you bid with increments of 200 HUF until 5 000 HUF , this way, a bid of 1 500 HUF will not be accepted by the system, only of 1 400 HUF or 1 600 HUF .)
  13. After the auction the winner gets a notification email of the results of the auction. (If it hasn’t arrived, you should check the Spam folder of your email account, and you can place the letters from the Company into your Inbox.) The results can be immediately seen on the webpage as well, following the process of the one-minute evaluation programme, and the client can see the results of his own bids at his personal page. In case of a major auction, this takes usually a bit longer time.
  14. The Darabanth Co. cannot be held responsible for damages caused by unforeseen technical or natural events or for derangements caused by malfunctioning.

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